BRC Foundation Mission

The mission of Broken Records Cares Foundation is to help the youth overcome harsh realities that produce negative outcomes. By helping to create situational successes early, we aim to induce a drive for continual progress in the future. Broken Records Cares Foundation was established to accompany a child’s education, furthering each ones desire for entrepreneurial achievement. We began by redirecting the mischievous actions of youth toward more positive outcomes. These outcomes have proved to be an instrument in creating better success in school as well as home life.

Statement of Purpose

This project is designed to educate the mind, to foster the development of the whole child, nurture the spirit and to educate the youth in the area of computer literacy, while also stimulating the desire for life long learning, intellectual curiosity, and promoting individual self esteem.

Computer-based learning activities will be implemented for the expressed purpose of offering the youth in the community, classes in developing computer skills and increasing knowledge of various programs. The BRC Foundation youth enrichment and computer literacy program seeks to introduce and prepare the youth for the 21st century.

This program will also provide tutorial, and mentoring services. Teachers will instruct the students in learning various computer programs. Programs that are currently being used in business offices will be taught in the classes, in order to provide the students with a marketable skill.

The BRC Foundation will provide positive teaching and non-judgmental support. We will seek to involve interested individuals in this program to serve as mentors in order to help the youth learn to be responsible and respectful. The BRC Foundation will also focus on completion of homework, performance reviews, and participation in extracurricular activities.

Each youth in the program will be involved in a broad range of activities. The yout enrichment and computer literacy will be delivered in an array of modules:
peer support, parent participation, mentoring component and educational.

The Peer Support Module will provide teaching on positive, non-judgmental methods of providing support. The training will include mediation and conflict resolution skills. Within group meetings, participants will be encouraged to support each other and to share their feelings.

The Parent Participation Module focuses on increasing parenting and communication skills and encouraging adults in the community to take advantage of educational and job placement opportunities, parents will become active role models and coaches for their children.

The Mentoring Module is a strong facet of the youth enrichment and computer literacy program. Positive role models, especially males are valuable resources for children. Mentors will be properly screened. Mentors will be matched by gender and will receive training and supervision through the program coordinator.

The Educational Module focuses on computer literacy training, completion of homework, ongoing assessment of needs based on student performance. Students will learn various computer programs in order to enhance their skills and knowledge of the most current programs on the market.

Project Goals/Objectives

To provide a quality computer literacy program to youth residing in Clayton and surrounding counties.

To be about changing the methodology of addressing educational needs of at-risk youth and their families.

To offer hope for a better chance in life to those whose unique needs are not currently being fully addressed by society.

To promote socialization among the youth and in society.

To promote awareness that computer literacy can improve one’s chances for a better future and to offer unique computer- based enrichment programs.

To provide a nurturing environment that promotes self-respect, self-esteem, self worth, and encourages listening, caring, stress management, and reinforcement of positive values.

To discourage drug and alcohol use while advocating healthier life choices.

To reduce incidences of truancy and delinquency among high-risk youth, ages 6-17 by eighty five (85) percent of better, while improving their academic performance and promotion within area schools.

Desired Results

To have reduced the number of unemployed families residing in Clayton and surrounding counties.

To help lower the incidence of child abuse, spousal abuse, unwanted pregnancy, preventable illnesses and cases of substance and alcohol abuse.

To provide and environment to promote personal respect, self esteem, self worth, encourage listening and caring, learn stress release, and reinforce positive values.

To provide a variety of educational enrichment and enhancement programs to at-risk youth and their families in the community.

To have developed a network of support services accessible and affordable to families in the community.