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Our children need our help.

As we continue to improve our world, we have to keep in mind the little ones we're improving the world for.

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BRC Foundation Mission

The mission of Broken Records Cares Foundation is to help the youth overcome harsh realities that produce negative outcomes.  By helping to create situational successes early, we aim to induce a drive for continual progress in the future. Broken Records Cares Foundation was established to accompany a child’s education, furthering each ones desire for entrepreneurial achievement.  We began by redirecting the mischievous actions of youth toward more positive outcomes.  These outcomes have proved to be an instrument in crating better success in school as well as home life.

Let’s Make a Difference!

Our children need our help.  As we continue to improve air quality, energy efficiency and digital technology, we have to keep in mind the little ones we’re improving the world for.  Let’s now help promote pathways for youth to take advantage of and help create the future we are building for them.

By simply buying a glass of lemonade, you sponsor a child for day, a pitcher provides basis to embed knowledge and skill for him to use for a lifetime.